Screw Air Compressor

The main part of a screw compressor is the air-end, which contains a pair of rotors. Male motor is driven by electric motor. Air suction through inlet filter and suction control valve. The air-oil mixture flows from the air-oil to an air-oil separator. The separated oil flows through the oil filter and after cooling in the ‘cooler’, it returns to the system. Air also passes through the air cooler and receiver. The whole system is controlled through valves/compressor sequestration through electric/electronic controls.

High-Quality Compressors

Compact, high efficiency, low noise:
  • Large rotor, large production capacity, good specific power.
  • Stable air flow volume, less wear parts than piston compressor, high reliability
Low investment:
  • The mechanical structure is simple, has a low running cost and provides continuous 24-hour operation
High reliability:
  • Fewer moving parts. Integrated assembling parts, low failure, high safety grade
  • Excellent quality compressed air, outlet compressed air oil content less than 3ppm, suitable for all main industry area

Fully Automatic Interlocking Control and Operation Management

Intelligent PLC, with pressure, temperature indications, currently provided with 12 key vital indicators of alarm and complete safety safeguards, multi-language display, maintenance period reminder, RS485 communication, suitable for different countries’ requirements The interface helps to realize the linkage function for multiple compressors in a concise and comprehensive manner for the customer to understand the running status in a timely manner.

Safe Leakage-Proof Connection

Abandoned the traditional hose with low cost full rigid line and flexible connection, eliminate leakage due to aging of pipeline, reduce oil pressure loss at the same time. Adopt cutting sleeve or urine rubber O-ring for sealing which prevents leakage. In addition, it helps to reduce vibrations effectively.

Intake Valve With Saving Energy

The intake valve with high quality and high reliability effectively controls the loading and unloading of the machine, thereby saving energy. Sol.Valve service life is more than 2 million times than the structure used to upgrade, no gap can be completely sealed, no air cylinder pneumatic control is required, no seal diaphragm etc. wearing parts Not there.

Electric control Components

Reliable electrical control components to ensure long-term stable operation of units.